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What’s the Limiting Factor?

Agriculture is the foundation for life. SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE balances economic, social and environmental factors for long term success.

What is the Limiting Factor?

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Sustainable Cattle

Sustainable cattle production means that farmers need to raise more beef using fewer resources. Use this resource to learn about sustainable cattle raising practices.

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Speed of Technology

There is a need for more crops, but harvesting more crops would take up more time. However, thanks to advancements with technology. It now takes about 9 seconds to harvest enough wheat to make 70 loaves of bread.

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4R Nutrient Stewardship of Rice

This video describes how to implement the concept of 4R Nutrient Stewardship to the rice field using Burdwan, West Bengal as an example.

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Soils Sustain Life

Soil is one of the four things we cannot live without. Soil, Water, Air and Sunlight are needed for all life as we know it. Soils cover the upper crust of the earth. This video series, produced by SSSA, will introduce you to the important topic of soils as a precious natural resource.

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