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To FEED THE WORLD in 2050, we will need to grow over 60% more food on the same amount of land. Read this article to learn more about a sustainable future.


A North American farmer in the 1900’s produced enough food for
10 people. Today’s farmer feeds over 120 people and tomorrow’s farmer will have to feed even more. By 2050, our growing population will require the equivalent of all the food grown in the last 500 years put together.

As more food is grown it is vital that we protect our environment. Sustainable agriculture helps protect natural landscapes (such as rainforests) from being converted into farmlands by growing more on existing lands using technology and best management practices.

Unfortunately, over 25% of our current food supply is wasted. In developed countries food is thrown out and over consumed and in developing countries food is lost to unreliable storage and transportation. Hunger is often caused by food waste and inequality of distribution, not scarcity.

To feed 9 billion people we need to reduce food waste and sustainably intensify production on existing land so that it can reach its full potential.