Student Privacy FAQ

Thank you for your interest in using Journey 2050 with your students! Student, teacher, and school privacy and confidentially are important and a top priority of the Journey 2050 program and program partners. This document outlines the student information collected and stored by the Journey 2050 program in an easy-to-understand format. We are happy to answer any additional questions or address any concerns as it relates to your students’ privacy and protection.

Nature of services provided

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Student Privacy FAQ      Terms of Use

Journey 2050 is a Nutrien owned FREE agriculture education program that challenges participants to answer the question, “How will we sustainably feed nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050?” Using an inquiry-based approach, this gamified, virtual program encourages students to make decisions and adjust them as they see their impact on society, the environment, and the economy at a local and global scale. Students will hear from farmers across the globe, learning about their experiences to understand how agriculture differs across the globe. As students interact with each family, they learn the role of best management practices in feeding the world, reducing environmental impacts, and improving social performance through greater access to education, medical care, and community infrastructure.


For teachers, yes, to access curriculum and book Guest Speaker and Field Trip opportunities. Students do not create an account.

We do not collect any personal identifiable information (PII) on students.

Three reports are generated after levels 4, 5b and 6 (after each section of the game) to record student progress and responses about the program. Reports are only generated if the teacher code is used by students prior to playing the game and the device has an internet connection. Teachers can view/download these reports from their teacher account.

See the appendix below for report examples. All reports are the same and provide the same data viewable in this document.

Reports are used by teachers to ensure students are playing the game when using the program remotely, for classroom discussions, and/or as a grading tool. These reports are not used by Journey 2050 or program affiliates for any commercial marketing purposes or shared with third parties.

We track anonymous information such as device make, model, and manufacturer in the case of mobile applications and browser version in the case of web access. We do not track information about the user, their identity, or other personal information.

Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest using industry standards and best practices. The teacher reports are encrypted and stored in a cloud provided storage solution providing server-side encryption. All traffic will be encrypted with the current standards for SSL / TLS for safe transfer. Any data stored within a database or similar technology will be encrypted.

  • Nutrien (program owner)
  • Robots and Pencils LLC (game developers)
  • Quadrant Newmedia Corp. (admin/teacher system developers)
  • Local program partners who provide Field Trip or Guest Speaker opportunities for schools (including but not limited to: Agriculture in the Classroom, Nutrients for Life, 4-H, FFA, Calgary Stampede). Please note, school information is only accessible to program partners in your region, if applicable, and not all program partners.
  • Teachers (of their own account information and bookings)

No. Only those above will have access to the information. Student, teacher, or school data provided to the program will be used exclusively for the purposes of program implementation only. Journey 2050 does not share any data (regardless of the form in which the data exists, including but not limited to paper or electronic data) with any subcontractors, research institutions, individuals, or entities without prior written consent. The only exception would be if the data is required by a court or statute, a Journey 2050 representative will provide a notice of disclosure to the school district, unless such notice of disclosure is expressly prohibited by court or statute.

Nutrien, as program owner, has contractual license agreements with the program developer and partners to help ensure confidentiality of data.

Students can play through their computer browser or download the app on to an iOS or Android device.

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari versions most current versions +2

No. The game is WebGL when played online.

Note, we currently don’t support Mobile Device Management (MDM) deployments to the devices. We recommend using the web-based version instead.

Currently, we retain data once it is in the system. After two years of inactivity teacher accounts and associated student information is soft deleted but not fully decommissioned.

Data is deleted by request using the following process:

  • Email
  • Request your data and account(s) to be deleted. You must provide teacher names to locate the correct account(s).
  • Data will be securely deleted and destroyed (and if requested returned to the school prior to)
  • We will respond that the request has been completed

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Appendix – Reports

Level 4 Report Example
Level 5b Report Example
Level 6 Report Example