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Meet Cody! He’s an Agricultural Engineer and he would love to tell you more about his job.

4 years – Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering, plus 10 years of work experience

Job Description: Agricultural Engineers grow with the Agriculture Industry. Understanding basic principles pertaining to soils, crop and animal production, machinery and building design allows for the adoption of high-tech applications to agricultural products, water resource management and alternative energies. I love science and technology and improving the way we do things.

Unique Part of the Job:
My job allows me to help livestock and poultry producers find solutions to a variety of everyday problems. For example, we look at construction permits, building design, nutrient management, energy and water needs and examine new or emerging technology and processes.

Help Feed the World by:
I’m a professional problem-solver. Each day offers new opportunities to learn and innovate in agriculture.

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