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Specific Topics: Water

Towers that Harvest Clean Water out of Thin Air?

Developed by Architecture and Vision, this vertical system harvests portable, clean water right from the air through condensation.

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What is a Watershed?

Check out these videos to learn about watersheds, and why you should care about their health.

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Water Use in Agriculture

Using water wisely is important on the farm to protect quality and quantity. Watch this video to become water-wise!

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Which Countries Have the Least Available Fresh Water?

As a class complete the following activity to explore where all the world’s fresh water is and why that is important to agriculture.

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Learn, Protect, and Promote Water!

In this hands on activity, students demonstrate the water cycle and learn the potential for our water supply to become contaminated. Learning outcomes include: water sources, water pollution, and water protection. Developed by National Ag in the Classroom, this grade 6-8 resource is linked to curriculum outcomes.

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