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Specific Topics: Farm to Fork

Farmers Look After their Livestock

Stories straight from the producer. Learn how farmers take care of their livestock.

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Farming in the Wild

In this video, several southern Alberta farmers share their perspectives about the nature around them.

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Not Grandpa’s Farm

It may be Grandpa’s farm but it isn’t Grandpa’s farming. Technology transformation and modern farming realities mean that today’s farmers need advanced education and lifelong learning to succeed. Farming Smarter helps with lifelong learning.

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Cheese Farm to Fork

How does cheese reach your plate? Watch this video to see the farm to fork processes.

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Life of a Farmer (One Video per Month)

The Peterson Farm Brothers are hardworking, fifth generation farmers from Kansas. See firsthand what it’s like to feed cows, plant corn, fix equipment, make a fence, harvest wheat, swath hay and so much more.

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