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Specific Topics: Soil & Nutrients
Specific Topics: Water

Will a Sheep’s Wool Grow Forever?

Ever wonder what happens when a sheep’s wool isn’t sheered regularly?

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Feeding the World and Protecting the Environment

Learn about the role of fertilizer in federal regulations, best management practices, and sustainable agriculture.

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Crop Nutrients

Plant need to eat, just like you and me. Check out this video to learn how farmers provide nutrients to their crops and maximize yields through best management practices.

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Ag Games & Webquests

Looking to play more Agriculture related games? Look no further! Test your Ag knowledge, play egg-xellent games to learn how eggs travel from the farm to your plate, or discover what it really takes to feed the world with Journey2050 and Farmers2050 through this National Ag in the Classroom Resource.

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Digging in to Nutrients

In this lesson plan, students will learn about the different nutrients plants need to grow, and how plants obtain nutrients. Students will also learn how farmers replenish soils with necessary nutrients, and current issues faced by the agricultural production industry. Developed by National Ag in the Classroom, this grade 6-8 resource is linked to curriculum outcomes.

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