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Specific Topics: Water

Aquaculture in Canada

Farming can also take place in tanks, ponds, lakes and ocean. Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms in fresh or salt water.

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Water Management

Protecting water is essential for sustainable agriculture – meeting the growing demand for food production while protecting the natural resources on which the world depends.

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Environmental Farm Plans

Environmental Farm Plans help farmers identify their farms’ environmental strengths and weaknesses and make action plans for improvements. The goal is to minimize negative effects and risks to the environment while making positive changes to ensure the future of farming.

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Livestock’s Role in Feeding the World Sustainably

Livestock (such as cattle, chickens, pigs and sheep) play an important role in our society, economy and environment.

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California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom Virtual Tours

Learn about where your onion rings come from and growing tomatoes and cucumbers with hydroponic technology

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