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Note: World population is complex. The United Nations says it is likely that our population reached eight billion in late 2022, but some algorithms from other credible sources like this counter have not reached eight billion yet.

Farmers – Canadian Family

Meet the Madge Family from Alberta, Canada, and learn a little bit about their life as farmers.

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Farmers – Kenyan Family

Meet the Oloo family from Nyanza, Kenya and learn a little bit about their lives as farmers.

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One Human Family, Food for All

Based on an ancient story about hunger and sharing, this animated video is part of Caritas’ “One Human Family, Food for All” campaign.

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How Sweden Recycles 99% of Their Waste

Importing garbage for energy is good business for Sweden from Sweden on Vimeo.

Everyone produces waste, and the Swedes are no different. It’s what they do with it that is unusual.

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Urban Algae Farm Gobbles Up Highway Air Pollution

Watch as Culture Urbaine transforms a viaduct into a productive installation called The Cloud Collective, and uses algae to reduce air pollution.

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