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Note: World population is complex. The United Nations says it is likely that our population reached eight billion in late 2022, but some algorithms from other credible sources like this counter have not reached eight billion yet.

Rise of the Field Drones

When the corn begins to grow in research fields used by the University of Illinois, a robot sets to work.

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What does Gangnam Style have to do with Ag?

Watch this Gangnam Style parody as the Peterson Farm Bros show you how to do it “Farmer Style!”

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Growing Season 2014

Follow Jay Schultz on his family farm from seeding to harvest growing wheat, canola and peas.

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Beef GHG Footprint Shrank

Learn how Canadian beef farmers are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

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What Does Bill Gates Think About Agriculture?

Technology is transforming farming even in the world’s poorest countries. Bill Gates shares how the future of agriculture will shape up.

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