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Note: World population is complex. The United Nations says it is likely that our population reached eight billion in late 2022, but some algorithms from other credible sources like this counter have not reached eight billion yet.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has released 17 Sustainable Development Goals – from ZERO HUNGER to RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION, we all need to work together to achieve these valuable goals.

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Vertical Hydroponic Shipping Container

Check out this vertical hydroponic shipping container – called the Leafy Green Machine (LGM).

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Inglorious Foods

A French supermarket loves to sell ugly food. Would you buy ugly food?

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Why Do We Waste $1 Trillion of Food a Year?

“’Ugly’ and deformed food often gets left in fields to rot. How can we help reduce this food waste?”

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How Reducing Food Waste Could Ease Climate Change

As a class or part of an additional assignment, read the following article and discuss the relationship between food waste and climate change.

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