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Hot Topics: Antibiotics & Hormones
Hot Topics: Chemicals

Straight Talk on Hormones in Beef

Canada’s Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) has collected some interesting stats on the estrogen level in beef.

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Dairy Cattle

Watch this video to learn about the milking process and innovative technologies used on some dairy farms today! Read the article to learn more about dairy cattle, including hot topics like hormones, antibiotics and safety regulations.

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Laying Hens

Watch the video to learn about laying hens. Read the article to see Alberta Egg Producer’s answers to student questions.

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Worried About Hormones in Beef?

Don’t worry! Your body naturally produces hormones and so does every plant and animal.

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Ag Games & Webquests

Looking to play more Agriculture related games? Look no further! Test your Ag knowledge, play egg-xellent games to learn how eggs travel from the farm to your plate, or discover what it really takes to feed the world with Journey2050 and Farmers2050 through this National Ag in the Classroom Resource.

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