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Meet Shamie! He’s an Agronomist, and he would love to tell you more about his job.

Education: 10 years – 3 years Soil Science degree, 3 years Masters of Science plus 4 years PhD in Soil Science and Agronomy.

Job Description: My job involves developing the best technologies for growing plants that provide food, feed and fibre. Plants require great care to ensure they grow well and give optimal yield including land preparation, fertilization, weed and pest management. I am dedicated to studying ways to improve agronomic practices and ensure that good fertility is maintained in agricultural soils.

Unique Part of the Job:
I get to spend a lot of time in the field working with farmers from different regions and countries. I have the opportunity to learn about diverse plants and farming systems, as well as the different cultures and languages of rural Africa.

Help Feed the World by:
Advising farmers on best management practices needed to grow optimal crops. Plants require nutrients to grow and produce the food that we eat. Careful management of nutrients is required to support food production for future generations.

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