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Meet Larry! He’s a farmer and he would love to tell you more about his job.

Education: High School Diploma plus ongoing conferences and research to continue learning how to grow optimal crops

Job Description: I run my own grain farm. My job is diverse in many ways. I get to decide what we grow, how we grow it and where we sell it. I also get to stay on the cutting edge of technology with new equipment, GPS, computer software, chemicals and fertilizers and ways to help improve our grain yields.

Unique Part of the Job: I am a 5th generation farmer who farms alongside my family. For me, every day is different and it is very rewarding. I love working outside, getting my hands dirty and caring for the land. It is a great way of life!

Help Feed the World by: We are the start of the food production process. From planting the seed to harvesting a crop, we inspect the fields every step of the way to ensure soil and crops are healthy.