J2_Welcome_LogoBlue Preserving and Protecting Water Discussion

Break students into small groups. Have each group brainstorm ways we can conserve and protect water.

Assign each group one of the specific areas below:

  • Home – Outside (manage lawn and landscape sprinklers)
  • Home – Inside (5-minute showers, don’t dump medicine in toilets as treatment plants might not be able to filter them, turn off water while brushing teeth)
  • School (rain gardens, sensor bathroom taps, water fountains vs water bottles, low flow toilets]
  • Community [Provide garbage bins and hang posters on impact of dog feces running into river, native tree planting day to stabilize river bank and collect runoff)
  • Optional – Local Industry such as Oil & Gas, Forestry, Manufacturing (re-use water in processing, clean water used before returning it to the rivers)
  • Optional – Farm (wetlands, drip irrigation, cell phones that turn irrigation on and off depending on weather