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Journey 2050 was developed by teachers, industry experts and professional game developers. It takes 7 hours to complete the program. Curriculum links occur between grades 7-12; however, due to the high context of the program older grades and even post-secondary educators are welcome to participate.

Using a virtual farming app, interactive activities and hands-on lessons the students will explore important concepts, such as but not limited to:

  • The simple planting of a seed starts a RIPPLE EFFECT that helps farm families, communities, countries and the world.
  • Agriculture is the foundation for life. SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE balances economic, social and environmental factors for long term success.
  • To FEED THE WORLD in 2050, we will need to grow over 60% more food on the same amount of land

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Online Experience:

Students from around the world can take part in this experience through this website and/or app store game. Everything is provided from lesson plans to animated videos to interactive games!

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Field Trip Experience:

Currently available in the surrounding area of Calgary, Alberta Canada. A one-day field trip to the Nutrien Western Event Centre located at Calgary Stampede Park can accommodate up to two classrooms or 70 students per day.

Classroom Presentations:

Agriculture experts are available in some North America states/provinces to come directly into classrooms. Guest Speaker locations are available once you register under the Guest Speaker tab. Speakers deliver 2 hours out of the 7 hour experience and enable the teacher to complete the rest through the Online Experience.





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“My students are having a great time with the Journey 2050 program. They are engaged and having fun. It is great to overhear the side conversations they have about the choices they are making. They celebrate their successes and lament their failures without recognizing that they are learning!”

Melanie Jones, Grade 10 Teacher, Winnipeg, MB

I really liked the farming game and this is a really cool program because it’s what kids my age will face when we are adults.

Mathew Lecky, Grade 7, Calgary, AB

Journey 2050 is that multimedia experience needed to really 'hook' today's learners. Students are very driven by competition and media gaming experience and Journey 2050 really drove home the sustainability point for urban and rural students. A very astute observation regarding the barrel balance from a student was, "Social (people) is the key factor to balance because our choices drive the market and affect the environmental balance."

Sue Meggers, Grade 8 Teacher, Iowa, USA