Thank you for participating in Journey 2050!

Journey 2050 aims to educate and engage students about food security and sustainable agriculture on a local and global scale through an inquiry-based approach. We strive to ensure the program is science-based, curriculum-linked, and relevant to meet your educational instruction needs.

Your feedback is important to us and helps us to capture and communicate the impact of this amazing school program – keeping it free and available for teachers in the future!

We review every comment and often make improvements based on the feedback we receive.

By completing this follow-up survey, you will be entered into a bi-annual draw for a $100 donation credit! Donate the credit as a class to a not-for profit organization contributing to agriculture sustainability!
Draws will take place twice each school year. 10 winning teachers from each program option (30 teachers total) will be selected to win on each draw date! Teachers must include their name and email on the survey to be eligible for the draw. All winning teachers will be notified by the Program Coordinator.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this 10 minute survey.

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