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Meet Kaylee! She’s a Veterinarian, and she would love to tell you more about her job.

Education: 6 years – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Job Description: I help all types of animals both large and small. It is my job to help prevent disease, treat illness and injury and care for animals so that they can live healthy lives. I also help ranchers and pet owners learn how to give the best possible care to all of their animals.

Unique Part of the Job: My patients aren’t able to talk, so we have to use many different methods to help us figure out what is bothering them. It is always very rewarding to help an animal who is not able to help itself.

Help Feed the World by: I help feed the world by ensuring that livestock are strong, healthy and cared for in a humane way. Veterinarians also play a role in ensuring that the food acquired from production animals is safe to eat. Keeping these animals healthy ensures that we have an important source of food, fibre, and byproducts that are essential to all of us in our daily lives.

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