J2_Welcome_LogoBlue What is Fertilizer?

Learn about fertilizer nutrients and their application. Links are provided to additional lesson plans on the topic.

The Fertilizer Institute states, “Seventeen elements. That’s what a plant needs to reach its full nutritional potential. Three of those elements—carbon, hydrogen and oxygen—are obtained through the air and water. The remaining 14 have to come from the soil through the plant’s roots.

These elements are what make up our modern day fertilizers. They’re divided into three categories: macronutrients, secondary nutrients and micronutrients.” (n.d.)

The three main fertilizer “macronutrients”  all come from nature: Nitrogen (N)=air, Phosphorus (P)=ancient sea life, Potassium (K)=evaporated oceans. They are simply packaged and applied when and where they are needed, in the proper balance based on science (Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place).

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Source: The Fertilizer Institute