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Watch this collection of videos to discover the wide variety of career options available in agriculture and natural resources.

POST-Careers in AG“This collection of 40 short videos highlights a wide variety of careers in agriculture and natural resources. Each video is one to four minutes long and features an interview with a professional working in an agricultural field. Give your students time to explore these videos on their own or select a few to show in class. Allow students to hear directly from a plant scientist, a cheese production manager, an algae farmer, or a GIS specialist and learn how these professionals chose the career paths that got them where they are today”. (National Agriculture in the Classroom, n.d.)

Careers in Agriculture YouTube playlist

The following are recommended ag-related career websites suggested by the National Agriculture in the Classroom. These are all great supplements to Lesson 6 Careers

Careers for Green Thumbs

Students interested in a plant science career can use this website to find information on specialized career paths in the fields of agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Discover the demand for nursery and greenhouse workers, horticulturists, florists, flower specialists, and more.

Feed, Nourish, Thrive (Careers Website)

Feed, Nourish, Thrive is a website and portal to online educational resources aiming to raise awareness regarding the dire need for more young people to enter careers in food and agriculture. By engaging with the site and delving into its interactive resources, young people will learn that careers in food and agriculture can help to sustainably feed the 9 billion people predicted to be on the Earth by 2050. They’ll also learn that food and agriculture jobs make great careers, and pay well!

Crop Science Career Profiles

The Crop Science Society of America promotes and encourages career opportunities in the agronomic, crop, soil and environmental sciences. The Career Placement webpage contains career profiles, salary survey reports, and career brochures for teachers and students who are interested in learning more about available jobs in these areas.

 Living Science Career Cards (posters or mini-posters)

The Living Science Career Cards feature 50 science careers associated with our nation’s food, agricultural, and natural resource system. This is a great resource to help your students better understand the exciting and diverse array of employment opportunities for scientists working to generate new knowledge and to advance technology. The cards can also be downloaded for free.

National Agriculture in the Classroom. National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix (2013)