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Explore a broad range of careers within the agriculture industry by using this resource. Which career is right for you?

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“National FFA and Discovery Education have joined forces to create a robust, comprehensive career resource to help you explore the broad range of careers within the industry of agriculture.

Agriculture has a variety and abundance of careers that fit within nine exciting career focus areas. Careers may have you using advanced equipment, creating new hybrid seeds, raising animals, managing people or designing new products and packaging.

The industry of agriculture can open up a world of possibilities, and the demand for professionals in every agricultural area is high. Learn more about which career may be right for you by watching the videos, exploring the career pages and completing the Career Finder interactive.

Virtual Field Trip

Our series of Virtual Field Trips transports you beyond the walls of your classroom into leading agricultural organizations so that you can gain a firsthand account of the diverse career opportunities within the agricultural industry.” (Ag Explorer, n.d.)

Explore careers here: https://agexplorer.ffa.org/career/

Great supplement to Lesson 6 Careers