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Meet Erik! He’s a crop service salesman, and he would love to tell you more about his job.

Education: Certified Crop Advisors certificate and a Pest Control Advisors license – 3 years

Job Description: I work directly with farmers to ensure they have their crop input needs such as seed and fertilizer.

Unique Part of the Job: I’m an expert in 4R Nutrient Stewardship so I can help farmers apply nutrients at the right time of year, right place, right amount of fertilizer and right source of nutrients. I love getting out of the office and walking fields with producers. I’ll even help identify pests and diseases and come up with an Integrated Pest Management plan to help them if they need it.

You Help Feed the World by: Working with farmers to make sure they have the best products to grow healthy crops. I also help farmers with their plans to reduce their risk to pests and diseases that can destroy their crops.

Learn More:
https://www.agexplorer.com/career/agronomy-sales-management and https://www.agexplorer.com/career/crop-advisor

Note: This profile is based on a real person in the agricultural industry. No image was available at the time of submission so this image is a placeholder model.