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Meet Donny! He’s a heavy duty mechanic, and he would love to tell you more about his job.

DonnyEducation: Heavy Duty Mechanic – 4 years between school and workplace hours

Job Description:
I keep farmer’s equipment working. Farming has a tight window to complete things like seeding or harvest so it’s really important that equipment doesn’t break-down during those busy times.

Unique Part of the Job: Imagine if a farmer has one week to seed canola and their tractor isn’t working. Weather doesn’t stop just because the tractor is stopped. My role is vital in ensuring all of the farm equipment is working as best as possible and if it isn’t then I get it fixed quickly and properly so they can get back in the field. It’s also really important that equipment is safe to operate. The lives of the family I work for depends on my ability to fix, maintain and service the farm equipment.

You Help Feed the World by: Modern agriculture relies on modern farm equipment like tractors, air seeders, combines, trucks and much more. Large-scale agriculture production is possible because of today’s equipment.

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