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Meet Erin! She’s a Feedlot Data Manager, and she would love to tell you more about her job.

Education: Four years-Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology, Two years-Masters of Science in Ruminant (cattle) Nutrition

Job Description:
I keep the feedlot management staff up to date on how many cattle are on site, how quickly cattle are growing, and how many will be ready to market each month so that we can market cattle as efficiently as possible and make informed production decisions. I work with many groups within the feedlot to make sure that we are using the best possible production practices, have enough cattle purchased to fill the feedlot, and have enough crops planted and/or purchased to feed our cattle.

Unique Part of the Job: My job is an office position, but the office is right at the feedlot. I can look out my window and see pens of cattle. I get to use some of the newest data technology to do research and help the feedlot make informed decisions.

Help Feed the World by: The world’s population is growing, but our cow herd is shrinking-so we have the challenge of producing more beef with fewer cattle. The feedlot is always doing research to improve our production practices so that we can produce more beef with the same (or even fewer!)

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