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Meet Vinesh! He’s a Fertilizer Plant Manager, and he would love to tell you more about his job.

5 years- Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Co-operative Education Program)

Job Description: As the Plant Manager, I have the overall accountability for the safe, reliable production of ammonia fertilizer at our facility. I manage all aspects of this production facility. This involves overseeing all aspects of the plant including safety, environmental sustainability, production, shipping, maintenance, human resources, finance, and engineering. I manage and lead about 200 employees.

Unique Part of the Job: I get to work with a lot of different people at various levels within our company that contribute to making and selling fertilizer. This includes production operators and maintenance trades people working in sales and marketing. I am also the “face” of our production plant when it comes to dealing with neighbours who live near our plant.

Help Feed the World by: The fertilizer that our plant makes provides necessary nutrients to the soil and is sold all over the world. Fertilizer helps to meet the increasing food requirements of a growing global population.