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Meet Lori! She’s a Photographer, and she would love to tell you more about her job.

Education: 2 years – Broadcast Journalism diploma

Job Description: I am a self-employed agriculture photographer. My days are comprised of working with and booking clients, taking photos and editing them. With agriculture, it’s more than just “snapping photos,” it’s about capturing images that showcase our industry to the rest of the world. Not everyone is privy to seeing a calf being born or having an aerial view of several combines harvesting in the sunset. I take photos that allow other people into the world of agriculture.

Unique Part of the Job:
The people I meet and the places I see. I’m invited into situations that most people aren’t. I might be in a helicopter one day taking aerial photos and the next, in a snowstorm photographing for a multinational agricultural company.

Help Feed the World by:
Showcasing innovation and the people of our industry. I’m not a direct feeder of food, but I help the industry as a marketing tool.

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