French Program Resources Now Available!

We are excited to announce that most of the Journey 2050 program materials are now available in Canadian-French!

Currently all program materials except the game and some enriching activities have been translated for your use in the classroom.

The French resources can be found under the Online Program materials once you have signed in to your Journey 2050 teacher account.

Simply navigate to the program lessons and toggle to French using the new “French” button.

THANK YOU to our program partners at Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan and Nutrients for Life Canada for your support in making these translations possible.

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Website Updates

Website Updates

Website updates are here! The Journey 2050 website has changed to improve your experience, creating easier navigation site-wide. These changes were made to ensure that those utilizing the website could easily access information such as program options and curriculum.

What’s new?

Educator Framework – Designed to help teachers get the most out of Journey 2050, the Educator Framework allows teachers to see what elements of the program best correlate with specific curriculum or by key topics. The guide provides recommendations for specific lessons and activities to build and enhance your lessons.

Curriculum Matrix – A searchable matrix, created and maintained by EdGate Correlation Services allows teachers to search for curriculum standards and find connections based on their state or province. Available for teachers in Canada and the United States currently.

Teacher Testimonials – Read real testimonials received regarding the Journey 2050 program. Find out what teachers think or submit your own testimonial on your program experience.

Aggie Resources – The Aggie Resources have been updated with new content, including more options for virtual field trips, agriculture facts and agriculture lessons to be utilized by both the student and teacher.

Games – Curious about the difference between Journey 2050 and Farmers 2050? Look no further than our new games page for a helpful description.

Journey 2050 News – Stay up to date with the program and other agriculture initiatives, events, and updates that Journey 2050 is involved in.

Check back for updates on the teacher login pages coming soon!

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Charity Gift Card

WIN $$$ To Donate!

Journey 2050 aims to educate and engage students about food security and sustainable agriculture on a local and global scale through an inquiry-based approach. We strive to ensure the program is science-based, curriculum-linked, and relevant to meet your educational instruction needs.

Teachers are invited to share their feedback to be entered to win a $100 Benevity gift card for their class to support a non-profit of their choice through an online Community Impact Portal powered by Benevity. If you are not familiar, Benevity, a certified B Corporation, is the global leader in online workplace giving, matching, volunteering and grant management solutions that focuses on corporate purpose, employee engagement, community investment and customer engagement.

Teachers must complete the follow-up survey to be entered into a bi-annual draw for the donation credit. Donate the credit as a class to a non-for-profit organization contributing to agriculture sustainability. All registered charitable organizations are available in the Benevity system.

Draws will take place on approximately November 1st and April 1st each year and are proudly donated by Nutrien. 10 winning teachers from each program option (30 teachers total) will be selected to win on each draw date.

Teachers must include their name and email on the survey to be eligible for the draw. All winning teachers will be notified by the Program Coordinator and will receive their gift cards via email.

This unique opportunity aligns with our desire to see students become active and engaged citizens in their local and global communities, while continuously improving the Journey 2050 program through the feedback received. Nutrien reviews every comment and often incorporates new ideas based on the responses we receive.

Thank you for your participation and for taking the time to complete this survey!

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