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Meet Sheri! She’s a Nurse and she would love to tell you more about her job.

Education: 3 years – Nursing diploma and Occupational Health Nursing Certificate

Job Description: Day to day I work at a fertilizer plant to help the workers stay healthy and be the best they can be while they are manufacturing the fertilizer. Our company goal is to have zero work place injuries and I contribute to that goal.

Unique Part of the Job:
When you think of a nurse you typically think of someone who works in a hospital. This nursing job is a little bit different in that the majority of my time is spent working to keep our employees healthy and not at risk.

Help Feed the World by: I work at a fertilizer operation which processes the main nutrients plants need to grow. By looking out for workers’ health and wellness, I ensure they are able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. It takes a team to make the whole process work. I am very happy to be a part
of this team.