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Meet Ryan! He’s a Welder and he would love to tell you more about his job.

Education: 3 years – Red/Blue Seal Journeyman Welder Certificate, Business MGMT Certificate.

Job Description:
I have a truck with a welder and toolboxes mounted to it. When a farmer needs machinery repaired, or needs equipment customized to better perform the work he/she calls me! I show up on-site and use an electric arc welder and gas powered cutting torch to repair the equipment.

Unique Part of the Job:
I operate my own company so I can run my own schedule. I get paid to PLAY WITH FIRE!!! (or fix things with fire)

Help Feed the World by:
Making sure that the farm machinery is able to do its job! If machinery is broken and cannot plant seeds or harvest grain, then the grain will not end up in stores and on dinner tables.

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