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It all depends on soil! Over the years, much of our precious topsoil eroded into ditches and waterways. Today, farmers are working hard to improve the land.

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Soil is alive!

One teaspoon of healthy soil contains more microorganisms than there are people on earth.

Building better soil

Farmers depend on healthy soil to grow healthy food and implement different management practices to improve their soil health. One of the most important soil stewardship practices is conservation tillage. Conservation tillage minimizes soil disturbance by seeding right into standing stubble (plant residue from the previous crop).

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Journey 2050 Lesson: 2
This resource is a great addition to Lesson 2 – Plant Health

What are GMOs and are they okay to eat? What does organic farming look like? How are animals like chickens or cattle raised?

snapAG is a series of resources that invite students to explore the hot topics affecting the agriculture industry today. Topics range from organics, biotechnology, GMOs, livestock, and more.

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Sources available at: https://aitc-canada.ca/en-ca/learn-about-agriculture

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