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A component of Journey 2050 is to inspire and encourage participants to get involved in sustainable initiatives.

Classrooms that participate in the Online Experience and complete the follow-up survey sent in December of each year will be entered for a chance to win $100 donation credit to donate to a charity that contributes to sustainability!

Field trip and classrooms who receive the 2-hour Guest Speaker presentation may also receive a donation credit based on first come, first serve. The Program Coordinator will notify all winning schools and provide instructions to claim the prize at that time.

This is a unique opportunity for the participants to think as global citizens and give back to those who work hard to improve social, economic and environmental performance. 

  • volunteer to help a charity contributing to sustainability such as food banks, school meal programs, and environmental stewardship groups,
  • make changes at home to be more sustainable such as composting, recycling and home gardens,
  • job shadow or interview industry experts,
  • educate others about the challenges we face in feeding the world with fun facts on social media and sharing the journey 2050 games,
  • participate in other great community programs such as a Earth Day, National Ag Day, learning gardens (check out the materials offered through Little Green Thumbs) or environmental action projects (great resources found here Caring for our Watersheds).
  • Check out more in the Student Action, Part 4 section

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