dairy cow

Why Are Dairy Cows Skinny?

Hear from a real dairy producer why dairy cows are skinny. You can even ask them a question about dairy cattle or milk!

Life as a farmer

Life of a Farmer (One Video per Month)

The Peterson Farm Brothers are hardworking, fifth generation farmers from Kansas. See firsthand what it’s like to feed cows, plant corn, fix equipment, make a fence, harvest wheat, swath hay and so much more.

Meet the Bug Chicks

Meet the Bug Chicks by watching the 3-minute video clip, You’re Hired! Students will be introduced to several careers and jobs in the industry of agriculture through live footage of each individual who is busy at work.

career finder

National FFA Ag Explorer

Explore a broad range of careers within the agriculture industry by using this resource. Which career is right for you?

careers in ag youtube

Careers in Agriculture Videos

Watch this collection of videos to discover the wide variety of career options available in agriculture and natural resources.

What Careers are in Ag?

Watch this video to explore the diverse careers available in agriculture, and listen to real life stories from individuals involved in the industry.

national ag in the classroom logo

National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

The best, most diverse agriculture activities and lesson plans that have been written are available on this website. Easy to search and store, look no further for instructional, classroom-ready resources!

land use maps

Agricultural Land-Use Maps

How much do you know about land-use around the world?  Find out by exploring these agricultural land-use maps. You might be surprised by your findings!


Live Population Stats

Learn about population growth and population density using this interactive resource.