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The Myth of Factory Farms

The term “factory farm” is not used by farmers or anyone in the agriculture industry. Big doesn’t mean bad. The reality is fewer people want to farm and we have a growing population that relies on farmers to produce their food.



No food is hormone free! Naturally occurring hormones are present in plants, meat, poultry and fish products.

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Chicken Housing

Wondering why chickens are sometimes kept in cages? Deciding on the best type of housing for chickens is complex and there are many factors that farmers take into account.

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It all depends on soil! Over the years, much of our precious topsoil eroded into ditches and waterways. Today, farmers are working hard to improve the land.

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Today’s Farm

Most farms today look very different than they did 50 years ago. What has stayed the same is the commitment to caring for the land, crops and animals.


Plant Nutrient Deficiencies (Gr. 6-8)

In this lesson, students learn about fertilizers and their role in plant nutrition. Students will also learn about the need to replenish nutrient balance in agricultural soils, and discuss how people and crops can suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Developed by National Ag in the Classroom, this grade 6-8 resource is linked to curriculum outcomes.

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Filling the Global Grocery Bag

Students learn what factors affect a country’s ability to produce their own food and how food expenses differ throughout the world. Developed by National Ag in the Classroom, this grade 9-12 resource is linked to curriculum outcomes.

photo of corn growing in soil - nutirents resource

Digging in to Nutrients

In this lesson plan, students will learn about the different nutrients plants need to grow, and how plants obtain nutrients. Students will also learn how farmers replenish soils with necessary nutrients, and current issues faced by the agricultural production industry. Developed by National Ag in the Classroom, this grade 6-8 resource is linked to curriculum outcomes.

The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy

Watch this video to gain insight into the current challenges faced by the agriculture industry, and learn about what is being done to ensure sustainable agricultural development for the future.